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Professional vs Supermarket Haircare – Why you should use professional hair products


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Why should I use professional, salon products over supermarket haircare products? Surely supermarket products can’t be that bad for my hair?! Think again!

Although it may be tempting to reach for a more affordable supermarket available haircare brand, you are, unfortunately, getting what you pay for with supermarket products often containing unnecessary chemicals like sulphates and silicons which effect the health of your hair as well as the tone of your colour.

Silicones in particular are a common ingredient in many haircare products, such as shampoos, conditioners, and hair serums. They are a type of synthetic polymer that although when used give hair a smooth and shiny appearance, actually just coat the hair shaft and fill in any cracks or gaps in the cuticle, rather than helping to repair the actual hair follicle itself. While silicones may appear to provide immediate benefits to the hair, they can also build up over time and cause the hair to become weighed down and dull. Additionally, some people may be sensitive to silicones and experience scalp irritation or breakouts. Silicone also creates a barrier on the hair shaft, which can prevent hair dye from penetrating the cuticle and depositing colour. This can result in uneven or patchy colour, or even cause the colour to wash out more quickly. Additionally, silicone buildup can make hair look dull and lifeless, which can also affect the appearance of hair colour.

It’s important to read the ingredient list on hair care products, especially those designed for colouring hair, and avoid those that contain large amounts of silicone – this means most supermarket haircare products. Look for products that are specifically formulated to be silicone-free, like our range of Virtue Labs products that we use and stock at Lady K Hair Artistry. This will help ensure that your hair colour looks vibrant and lasts as long as possible.

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