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How to care for your hair extensions


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Unlike your natural hair, hair extensions don’t have a direct supply of nutrients, vitamins or minerals so they do require more maintenance and after care than your own hair.

Easily maintain your dream hair and care for your new extensions by following our simple step by step guide and advice…

Tip 1: Regular Brushing

Regular brushing is essential in keeping your hair extensions in optimum condition. When brushing – remember gentle is key! Start from the bottom and then move slowly to the top whilst holding your hair extensions at the top so as not to pull too hard.

Tip 2: Sulphate-Free Haircare

When choosing haircare products, from shampoos, conditioners to styling products, always ensure they are sulphate-free as sulphates break down the bonds securing the hair extensions in place. At Lady K, all our retail products are sulphate free and safe to use on hair extensions!

Tip 3: Rinse and Dry Correctly

When washing extensions, avoid any product build up by thoroughly rinsing your extensions after washing. Otherwise product can build up and make the extensions sticky and more prone to knotting. Secondly, never leave your extensions to dry naturally – always blow dry (thank us later!)

Tip 4: Heat Protection

Heat from excessive styling and the sun can cause hair to become dry and damaged and may also cause a change in the tone of your hair. Always use a heat protection spray when drying and styling the hair to avoid heat damage.

Tip 5: Leave It To the Professionals!

Although it might be tempting to try to fix extensions that may have become misaligned, tangled or loose – all extensions should only be fitted or removed by a trained professional. Attempting to remove these yourself can result in loss of your natural hair and damage to your extensions.