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Best Blondes in Coogee


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Going blonde can give you a fresh and youthful look and it can also enhance your natural features. It’s also a super fun way to switch up your style and boost your confidence. However, it’s important to consider the maintenance and potential damage to your hair before making the change to lighter hair – especially if you’re planning on going from dark to blonde, rather than just adding a bit more blonde to your already golden look.

Excessive bleaching of the hair to achieve a lighter, blonder colour can unfortunately, cause damage such as dryness, breakage and split ends. To minimise damage, always use hair products specifically designed for colour- treated hair – in particular a heat protector. If you haven’t read our Lady K blog on the importance of using a heat protector then – no.1 what are you waiting for?! Get reading! And no.2 it covers how, for those with blonde hair, without a heat protector applied to your hair, the blonde will become much yellow – ruining your colour and meaning you have to return to the salon much sooner. For blondes, we recommend doubling up your heat protector with a purple shampoo or conditioner from the Pureology Strength Cure Blonde range to ensure your colour remains bright and beautiful, rather than dull or brassy. All our in-salon hair products are sulfate-free to ensure our client’s hair remains in optimum condition, limiting further damage to the hair post-colour appointment.

Here at Lady K, we pride ourselves on knowing (and saying to our cleints!) when enough colour is enough and we will never carry out a service if we believe your hair will become excessively damaged from it – this is just one of the reasons as to why we offer the best blondes in Coogee, Sydney. Our talented stylists begin every appointment with a consultation to discuss your colour journey and what you are hoping to achieve from your colour appointment – their knowledge, care and passion for all things hair will ensure you are looked after by the best and you will leave with a blonde look that not only suits you, but also leaves your hair as healthy and glossy as possible.

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